Half the Animal release their summer anthem, "Too Late"

It’s May, which means it’s time to find some summer anthems to pull us all out of the rainy weather and pollen-filled air. Half the Animal must have been on the same page because their newly released single, “Too Late,” does just that. Written with producer Captain Cuts, who has worked with Walk the Moon and Iconapop, the guys wanted to create an up-beat banger to blow everyone out of the water.

​Luckily for us, Half the Animal took the time for a quick conversation with us while on tour with Smallpools and Great Good Fine Ok [WHAT A FREAKIN’ LINE UP]. Get the tickets here

​On a dreary day in San Francisco, drummer Nick Gross talked about writing the single. 

"We wrote it with our friend, Captain Cuts. We've been really big fans of Walk the Moon for some time. We were really stoked to get in with them and crank up some stuff. Actually, we're going to have six songs done with them by the end of June, but we finished three." 

"‘Too Late’ was the first creative song that is above 120 bpms, like let's create something that's much faster, a lot more fun and something that kind of cranks live. So we planned to create a song that was over 160 bpms and see what happens; ‘Too Late’ was the outcome. It was the first song that we did with Cuts. We really love it; we think it's a great song to set things off. We're gonna release singles for the next six months. So every two to three months, we're going to drop a single then roll all those songs up into an EP early next year. This was the first one that kicked off a really good pace for what's to come."

It really is. We tried to delve a little deeper into the inspiration of the bop but in a very honest, untrained PR fashion, Gross responded, "I don't really focus on lyrics to be honest. I'm the drummer. I just sit back and hit shit."

The response almost had us swerving off the highway in a rainstorm in Georgia, but nonetheless, we appreciate it. Unfortunately, lead singer, Chase Johnson was getting his beauty sleep on the bus so if you happen to run into them on tour, please ask him for us. Speaking of tour, the band still has some dates left and aren’t looking forward to the run ending. "It's been really cool,” said Gross. “The Smallpools guys are really rad. We get along with them and have been fans of their music for a really, really long time. The Great Good Fine guys are really cool as well. It's been fun. We started the tour like two weeks ago in Ohio, and it's been good. There are a lot of younger kids coming to these shows compared to our last tour. We toured with Atlas Genius in November last year, which was a great tour as well.  It's fun to just see a bit younger of an audience, and a lot of people have come back to our shows."

​On this spring tour, they’ve been testing out more of their new material and apparently, the crowds are eating it up. ​"We have a new song called 'Magic' that we've thrown into the set. It's been really cool to see the response from kids who come to the shows. It's a song that hasn't been released yet, and by the end of it, a majority of the audience is singing along and being a part of it with us in a big way. It's really cool to see that reaction from a song we haven't released."

The new music Half the Animal is creating now, is the most authentic the group has ever been to themselves. Gross said they feel like they’re finally on the right track.

"It's progressing more into an alternative lane, like an alternative-pop lane, very definitive in that genre. I think we're still figuring it out. At our core, we want to stay alternative. Hopefully, eventually if we stay at it long enough, it can go over into a pop lane. I think at our core, these songs feel really authentic to an alternative lane that we want to kind of kick things off in. Songs like 'Babylon' and 'Bad Bad Bad Love' are great songs, but I think these new ones that we've been able to do over the past few months are a lot more definitive. Like if you come to a show live and hear those songs, you understand where this band is going."

If you didn’t get to see Half the Animal on this tour run (us *cries into pillow*), don’t fret because we’re pretty sure they will be touring more this year. Gross talked about possibly going on tour with lovelytheband later this summer, whose hit, “Broken,” has been number one for the past five weeks at alternative radio.

“It sounds cliché, but we want everyone to have a good time and feed off the good energy and take away a positive outcome from the show. Once again, Chase would be able to give you a much more artistic side to that question, but I think at the end of every set, kids are excited. We're winning over new fans for a reason every night because kids feel a connection to the music." 

Make sure to follow the guys on their socials to catch any announcements they make. ​halftheanimal.com/