Hailey Knox set to release a mixtape

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

In lieu of indie singer-songwriter Hailey Knox releasing Hardwire Mixtape on November 16, a collection of eleven songs, this month, she dropped the song, "Runaway" at midnight EST last night.

“It was written when I just got off tour," she said over the phone in upstate New York. "We were talking about how being a touring musician, it can be a little crazy out on the road sometimes. You start to miss being home. Then when you get home, you miss being out on the road. It’s kind of like wishing you were somewhere else all the time.”

Knox has mastered mixing the typical singer-songwriter acoustic feel with canorous pop influences while descanting on where she wants to be, physically and metaphorically.

“It kind of shows how being a musician isn’t all that glamorous, lugging my guitar and loop pedals all the way down to the city, breaking my back… I look like a lunatic with four guitars on my back," she said of the music video for the song that will show her traveling an hour and a half from her hometown to NYC, a trip she does often.

On the other end of the spectrum, her first release from the mixtape, "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch," has a more assertive message. She wrote the single about three years ago, originally as an "upbeat song," until she morphed it into its final form of exasperation.

“I think I threw the word, ‘bitch,’ out there as a joke but it got stuck in all of our heads. It was a cute little ukulele song that turned into—we made it a bit edgier because if you’re going to say something so direct, I think it’s cool to have that production like this is what I’m saying and not go so cutesy... It takes it to a darker world but the idea of the song is to focus mainly on positive messages and not pay so much attention to the negative things going on in the world. The hook is telling somebody, you know, stop complaining and focus on the good in life.”

Other themes on the mixtape include mental battles. Knox specifically acknowledged a song she's been playing for awhile live called, "Traumatize," that seems to get a reaction out of listeners.

“It’s going to be really cool to get it out there, a recorded version out to the world. That one is about self-doubt and feeling a little paranoid. There’s a lyric in there, ‘it feels like everybody is looking at me all the time.’ So, kind of feeling like everybody is in my head a little too much. It’s about overthinking things and just letting it be.”

From recording videos on Youtube of covers and live-streaming on YouNow, she's been noticed by Billboard and iHeart Radio for her authentic twists on other artists' music and her own.

“I’m inspired by so many different artists, and I feel like I may take things without being deliberate, and make it into my own…I guess to standout is to be as honest as I can be lyrically, using sounds and production. I’m starting to produce on my own, and it’s exciting. It’s a lot to be able to record your own music, guitar, vocals and put it down all by yourself and be like is this good enough? I think being the one person producing everything is one way to make it your own.”

Her latest project, Hardwire Mixtape, will exhibit her versatility as an artist. Although, she threw out names like BROCKHAMPTON and Billie Eilish as artists she listens to, Knox explained she's more attached to songs, not the artist and listens to music all over the board. So, listeners should expect an unconventional track listing.

"I did some on garage band literally at 3 in the morning and then some I worked on in LA with some awesome producers. ‘Bitch’ is one I worked on with the first team that helped me develop my first EP. So, it’s kind of a range of a bunch of different things. Calling it a ‘mixtape’ too I feel gives me the okay to having the different genres and different snippets that are thrown in there too, like transition songs.”

Knox will be performing at Public Arts on November 14 in New York City. Purchase tickets here.