Greta Van Fleet at The Metropolitan Opera House in Philly Night 1

On December 29th, music lovers and advocates for “peace, love and unity” assembled to see Greta Van Fleet at The Met in Philadelphia for their second to last show of the year on the "March of the Peaceful Army" Tour. 

The crowd was diverse, lively and ready for the bound energy that Greta Van Fleet never fails to bring on stage. The spiritedness was electric, powerful-- yet, joyous. 

Since Greta Van Fleet’s fan demographic hits more than one generation of rock music fans, the crowd’s age range was vast. The barricade alone had teenagers, young adults and elders all lined up for front row, ready to grab a white rose from vocalist Josh Kiszka or a guitar pick from Jake Kiszka at any given moment. 

"Edge of Darkness," a fan favorite, was on the setlist as well as the ever so iconic and unifying "Flower Power" and the chilling interlude, "Black Flag Exposition." Those songs as well as the setlist regulars that are ever so fun to hear live, brought alliance for everyone that came to see Greta Van Fleet perform.

There was also a very special occasion on December 29th, Danny Wagner’s birthday! The drummer of GVF turned 21, and he had a party of over 3,500 guests singing “Happy Birthday” as Jake and Sam Kiszka (Bassist) were popping champagne bottles on stage, happily making a mess. Josh was cheering it on before realizing he could easily slip on the puddles. He handled it humorously and didn’t slip once (thankfully). A drum solo served as the encore to give Danny the spotlight, especially on his special day. The solo also served as a transition to their track from their debut EP, "Safari Song." It was beautiful seeing everyone come together to celebrate Danny’s 21st year around the sun.

Photos by Marine Eltalkhawi