Greta Van Fleet at the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia on the 29th

You can catch Greta Van Fleet’s two back to back shows in Philadelphia at the Metropolitan Opera House on December 29th and 30th for a breathtaking experience of a lifetime to celebrate peace, love and unity! End the decade celebrating happiness with Greta Van Fleet!

Photo by Paige Sara at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Who is Greta Van Fleet? 

Greta Van Fleet is the newest, breath of fresh air for classic rock music in the 21st century. They’re a band of four young boys originated from Frankenmuth, Michigan. They took over the world by storm with their debut single, “Highway Tune,” followed by their Grammy winning release of their debut double EP, “From the Fires,” in 2017. They also have a freshman album titled, Anthem of the Peaceful Army. 

Frankenmuth is a small town full of trees, nature and factors alike. The band grew up and thrived in that environment. Nature, politics, and their experiences growing up and the exposure they get from traveling the world inspired their music. Sound wise, their music starts out as acoustics in the birth of their songs for the most part, forming into songs with electric guitars and drums with powerhouse vocals to match. Cultural influences such as the use of Middle Eastern instruments can be heard as well.

Who exactly are the members of Greta Van Fleet?

Josh Kiszka is the lead singer (and tambourine player during live shows) of Greta Van Fleet. He has indomitable vocals that has not been heard of in over a generation. His vocal influences range far and wide. Josh, who is into world music, has various vocal influences like Miriam Makeba, Wilson Pickett and Howlin’ Wolf. Josh had ambitions to become a filmmaker. However, being the vocalist of Greta Van Fleet ended up being his fate as a young artist. 

Jake Kiszka, Josh’s twin brother, is the guitarist of the band. He is also the founder of the group. Playing guitar was his passion growing up, and he dreamt of starting a band. He played guitar since before he could walk. He, (as well as all of the members are) self taught in their respective roles in the band. Two of Jake’s biggest influences as a guitarist are Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

Sam Kiszka, Josh and Jake’s younger brother by three years, is the bassist and keys of the group. Sam has an outstanding organ solo in their song, “Flower Power”. His favorite genre is jazz and folk music. A lot of blues artists such as B.B.King left an imprint on the musician growing up.

Last but surely not least, is their long time friend and drummer, Danny Wagner. He is a childhood friend of the band, who had a goal to be the drummer of Greta Van Fleet. The second their original drummer, Kyle, quit the band, Danny secured a spot and the success took over from there once magic was made. Danny was originally a guitar player, being inspired to learn that instrument after discovering his mom’s abandoned guitar at home. He learned the drums later on and was determined to join such a successful band with his long time friends. 

Where they all meet in the middle, is their shared love for the blues. All four of them have grown up around their parents’ vinyl records from over the years. The blues is the stem of their music in every element, vocally and instrumentally. Their music taste is also translated into their fashion. Greta Van Fleet are supporters and consumers of clothing at goodwill. They lean towards the 60’s psychedelic scene. 

What are their live shows like?

Their live shows are a diverse, dreamlike, safe haven. The crowds have an age range like no other from three years old to sixty-three years old. Greta Van Fleet hits many generations all at once through their classic sounding music. They are bringing back nostalgia for the old folks and introducing a whole new world of rock music to the young ones. Josh interacts with the crowd the whole night, making the connection stronger and personal. Throughout, Josh demonstrates his confidence proudly and is not afraid to feel the music. Stated by Sam, his favorite part of playing shows in Greta Van Fleet is the “improvised parts” to make every night seem refreshing. They have a “basic structure,” but they change up the performance of their set every night to give everyone, including themselves, a unique experience. 

For example, they perform a chilling and exhilarating cover of Melanie Safka’s “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)” at their live shows. Melanie wrote it after being inspired playing Woodstuck for the first time. She was inspired by the energy of the audienc;, hence, exactly why Greta Van Fleet would choose such a song for their own live shows. The cover also serves as a beautifully done transition to their original song, "Watching Over".

What is Greta Van Fleet’s message?

In the simplest of terms, “peace, love and unity." The slogan was coined for the band’s moral purpose. They want to bring awareness, spread oneness and togetherness among everyone-- regardless of how their listeners identify themselves. They want everyone’s differences (and similarities) to be accepted and celebrated. They channel their message through their music and a community has formed from the root of exactly that: music. They want to revolutionize and combat against fear and division. 

Tickets are still available for their shows in Philadelphia at The Met Sunday and Monday, December 29th & 30th here.