Elesa Marmo, the queen of sarcasm

Hailing from Long Island, New York, indie alt-pop artist, Elesa Marmo, released a cheeky anthem in response to being "ghosted" at the beginning of the month.

"Strawberry Candy" is the perfect mix between cynicism and simplicity.

Marmo curated a ten track playlist of what she's currently listening to, including songs from Maggie Rogers, Ariana Grande and Snail Mail.


1. "Fallingwater"- Maggie Rogers

I just got into the Maggie hype and i’m just so in awe of her songwriting. Her style is very unique as well!

2. "Falling Into Me"- Let’s Eat Grandma

This song I listen to all the time when driving because the beat is just so fun! I started listening to them a few years ago, and it’s unlike anything i’ve heard before. I really like their voices a lot.

3. "Pristine"- Snail Mail

This song is just so good i love the songwriting for it and her voice is so raw. The album as well is incredible.

4. "Motion Sickness"- Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe's voice is so soothing. I listen to this a lot while driving as well, and the album is a masterpiece.

5. "thank u, next"- Ariana Grande

The queen of pop herself. I’m so happy this song exists; I think it’s the most beautiful well of dealing with moving on from an ex. It’s just such a fun female empowering song.

6. "Older"- Sasha Sloan

I heard this song randomly on Spotify and fell in love. The message is really good and

heartbreaking at the same time.

7. "Bathroom Bitch"- HOLYCHILD

They are the nicest people ever I met them a few years ago at a show and they’re just doing their own thing and it’s so good to see. This song is the perfect song about being comfortable in your sexuality and enjoying it.

8. "No Questions Asked"- Fleetwood Mac

My all time favorite band. I see them every single time they’re here and grew up on their music. This song is so so good I just have no words.

9. "AZ"- Now,Now

I just love this song. I love their album so much.

10. "LilyAnna"- Teddy<3

I’ve always admired Teddy for her songwriting and the work she’s done with artists are so incredible. I’m so happy she’s back with new music, and her album is so well done!

Photo by Christa Ferry.