EBEN reflects on crazy year

If you haven’t heard of the up-and-coming pop artist, EBEN, then we can assure you that you’re about to in 2019. We were SO excited to get the chance to speak with EBEN about his music, life in LA, and his past tour with Why Don’t We.

EBEN has had an INCREDIBLY busy year, so busy that we were amazed by the amount of music he was able to push out. He released two EP’s Past Hundred Days and FINALLY along with opening for Why Don’t We on their international tour AND working on the crew.  


His latest release, "That's Alright," a catchy smash, was inspired by real events that include his car getting set on fire. Scroll down to view the video and have him tell the story in his own words.

It seems like you’ve had one of the busiest years in music, what was it like to have so much time working on your music?

This year has been the craziest year of my life. I didn’t have the time to sit down and have the time to be creative and have nothing else on my plate but this project. What made me work that much harder for my music, was the fact that I was so busy. So it made me want to drop a project even more because I could either be hindered by the time I didn’t have to spend on music or I could work harder and make time.

All your hard work paid off when you hit #2 on the iTunes charts with your EP, Past Hundred Days, what did that feel like for you? Did you see that coming or did you wake up surprised?

I was completely blindsided, I was hoping it would be in the top 100 on iTunes. I was just excited to drop music in general. I didn't think I would chart or whatever. It didn't cross my mind. I woke up and I looked at the charts, holy shit, we’re #2 on iTunes. It was absolutely crazy. One of the coolest experiences of my life to drop a project and see my face next to Ariana Grande and  Travis Scott. It went #2 and I was like okay, it's probably not going to stay there. Next morning, I woke up and it was still on the charts. It held solid for two days, which is huge for me, it's a really really big deal. And it makes me even more excited to drop then next project, what if we get the #1 spot that would be crazy.

Since you toured with Why Don’t we this year, do you have any good tour memories or things that they did that inspire you?

This year, I’ve gotten to travel the world and do what I love with my best friends, they’re my homies. There’s definitely stuff that I will take away from their show that I will put into my show. I definitely want to achieve raising the stakes and have this tour be something nuts, that even the boys will be like “oh shoot this is crazy!”

What was your favorite moment from tour?

There was a London show, earlier in the summer where we first went to Europe, and when I did my set something had happened to me that day that really emotionally messed me up. It was the loudest show and the craziest crowned that I've ever performed for in my life. I was not in the mindset to perform, there was a lot going on, and the crowd sang every lyric to my song they would not stop screaming it was just a special moment, in all honesty, I will never forget that. Summer of 2018 when the crowd was the most loving and supportive crowd.

What other events in your life have influenced your EP, Past Hundred Days?

When I was first arriving out I drove out to LA with my dad in my car and put everything that I owned and acted like I was moving out there. We drove from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, and I had just got this new car because my old one had broken down, so I got a Fiat 500. So we stayed in Barstow, an hour outside of LA. I wake up the next morning, some piece of trash broke into my car and stole everything that I own. All my recording equipment, underwear, socks, and only left jeans and shoes. It’s like here I am so hungry and ready to be out in LA starting a future out there and BOOM I don't even make it there and all my stuff is stolen. And that’s one thing, and this is the same car that got burnt down.

There’s just so many things that happened, the tour Fiat. It did not deserve it. Just relationship stuff, a lot went down between the final EP, I pulled stuff from before the final EP, and there was a lot of growth and learning a lot about myself and being on the road and stuff it was def a huge earning curve, just that section of this year.

I don't think there is anything I have that would stop me from continuing this journey, because I feel like I've been through some pretty unfortunate events that if I were to quit now, what would be the point of all of this? And honestly bring it on, I will take any challenge, it doesn’t matter it’s not a problem it will keep going. We gotta follow the dreams!

Lighting round:

What can we expect from you next year?

A lot of showing more of who I am, music, shows, a lot of EBEN all over the place in 2019.

What is something you think that the world needs to hear right now?

I think the world needs to hear a child laughing with a smile on its face. There is a lot of negativity in this world.

What is your favorite artist or song at the moment?

Sundown by Jack Harlow

What is something you’re looking forward to in 2019?

My vacation in the first week in January, I ’m going on vacay with my family and I'm so excited.

What artist(s) do you want to collab with?

Chance the Rapper. He's always been my answer when anyone has ever asked me that. He’s a legend.

How do you think the music industry has changed, specifically the consumption of music. Has it changed for the better or worse?

I miss getting into your car, you look into this huge stack of CDs. Kids these days they will never experience that. Searching through a stack of CDs. No one buys physical albums anymore.

Is there anything you want to say in general?

Just a huge shout out to my fans, you’re the absolute best and I would not be here without you and be ready for what’s coming in 2019. Huge announcements are on the way!

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