Drown yourself in Heavy Hearts' "Vexed"

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Alternative-rockers Heavy Hearts are storming into 2020 with an arsenal of new music, and I'm ready to drown in it. Although, LP2 doesn't have an official release date, the band has so graciously graced our ears with the first single, "Vexed," today.

"Vexed" has so many elements in the single that you're not sure what you should obsess over first. From the poignant guitar progression the song opens with to vocalist Justin Glatt's tone as he sings the gut-wrenching lyrics to the chaotic and climactic arrangements in the bridge-- there's not one part of the song that won't evoke some sort of emotion.

The Ontario natives released their first album in 2016. This year, they're releasing LP2, and if "Vexed" is just a taste of what's to come, then I'm ready to get trampled by the waves of honesty.

I watched you fade away

So I can take your place

On top an empty stage

Now you’re moving on and

I’m still the same

The following questions were answered by vocalist and guitarist Justin Glatt and bassist Jamie Gorman.

Happy New Year! Did you guys make any resolutions this year?

To be better at everything.

What did the songwriting process for "Vexed" look like? What inspired the track?

Jamie: The idea for Vexed started while we were out on tour. We all started playing around with a riff I had during sound check and then put together a demo for it later on. It was one of the only songs that had any real structure before we went to the studio.

In the very early stages of trying to come up with ideas, I wanted the theme of the record to kind of follow what we did with Unravel (Your Love). Vexed was one of the ideas to fit that mold but the more we wrote, the more the record got pushed in a different direction.

What is your favorite part of the music video? Did you all have a role in the concept?

Justin: JJ and I had a loose concept for what we wanted the video to be. There were a lot of extra shots we had intended to film for the video but in doing so, we set off a fire alarm. Then later after filming, we came back to our jam space flooding so that kind of got in the way of all the extras we had planned.

There's a bit of a contrast from "Vexed" to your last release, "Cut Too Deep;" yet, both are pretty raw emotionally. Is it easy for you to be that honest in your music?

No, in our past releases I’ve usually been pretty vague in whatever messages I’ve been trying to convey. The lyrics on the new record are a lot more blunt and honest. I’ve always kind of been afraid of letting people in too much with my lyrics but I tried to not let that be a factor this time around.

Honestly, your music is a bit emo, but, so is the world right now. Do you ever feel like you need to touch on issues going on around you in your music? None of us have ever really considered ourselves to be an overly emo band. Our lyrics have always been circumstantial with whatever place we’ve been in at the time. They’ve always been reflective of what directly affects the band or myself personally.

What do you wish you could tell Heavy Hearts five years ago?

It’s not a good idea to make 500 of that first shirt design.

What does 2020 look like for Heavy Hearts?

We finally get to put out a record we’ve been sitting on for a long time. So it’s looking pretty good.

Sum LP2 up in three words.

Evil Casino baby

Song you're currently listening to on repeat:

"Henna Tattoo" by Field Medic

Photo by Michelle Baumval

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