Drive-in performance by Sublime with Rome in Phoenix

March 15th was the day that the CDC issued a guidance recommending against any gathering of 50 or more. Shortly after, concerts as we knew, seemed to become a relic of the past. Since then, we have turned to alternative measures to try to regain a semblance of that live music magic. Whether it’s following your favorite musicians on twitch, buying your way into viewing a streamed performance, watching old concerts on YouTube, or, and my new personal favorite, sitting in your car for a drive-in concert.

Drive-in concerts are a far cry from the shows we’ve all grown to love but Concerts In Your Car offers a solution that may be what we need during these trying times. It’s kind of nice tailgating the main event. Admission is essentially per parking spot, so guests are allowed to bring as many people as there are seatbelts. With ticket prices ranging from about $90 to $250, it comes as quite a discount for groups of four or five people. Once inside, the move is to pop the trunk, set up some lawn chairs and kick back. The only thing that was not permitted, as far as refreshments, was outside alcohol. They did have carts driving around offering beer, wine, seltzers, and margaritas so if you're into $12 beers and have a sober driver, that's pretty nice.

Sublime with Rome is the perfect band to enjoy this new solution to live entertainment. The 420 enthusiastic band set the exact tone necessary for a socially distant show. They played classic favorites from "40oz" to "Freedom and Wrong Way" to newer jams like "Take It Or Leave It" and "Black Out." Given the current opportunities to get out of the house, trading the energy of the crowd for the opportunity to enjoy the company of those that you chose to be there with isn’t so bad.

The company that made this happen was CBF Productions. Phoenix also saw 311 and Third Eye Blind through this Concerts In Your Car series. If you’re near Ventura or San Diego, CA, I highly encourage you to see what events they have coming up. CBF Productions hosts drive-in concerts and movies. There are even other companies putting on drive-in drag shows as well. Right now, we really need to work together to protect those that we love but that doesn’t mean the only option is to stay inside going mad. There are ways to safely enjoy our lives. And as this is our reality at the moment, more companies would prosper from exploring ideas like this. Stay safe and live life.