Donna Missal at The El Rey in LA

"The spring formal I never had" was the theme of the night on March 29th for former homeschooler Donna Missal’s "This Time Tour" at the El Rey Theatre with opener Samia. It was the second to last show of the second leg of a largely sold out first solo tour, with the balcony and GA floor holding a sold out 771 at the 1930’s cinema turned concert venue on Los Angeles’ iconic Miracle Mile. The "This Time Tour" kicked off in February in support of Donna’s debut album of the same name, which came out this past September on Harvest Records. Calling her style of music, “Feminist Stripper Music, Neo-Pop, Melody Rap, Screaming Female,” "This Time" is an album of self discovery for Donna.

Samia opened the show, and the 21 year-old singer-songwriter took the stage with gusto, switching effortlessly between dancing while singing and slipping on her guitar to croon alongside her supporting band. Her songs really set the mood for the headliner, with vocals that swayed from sweet melodies to raw belting, and writhing on stage during instrumental solos with a Pentecostal passion. She closed her set with a rousing cover of The Knacks’ “My Sharona” that worked the audience into a sweaty frenzy for Donna.

Coming out in a haze of blue light and fog before diving into fan-favorites including "Jupiter," "Test my Patience," and "Girl," prompting the audience to sing the iconic line “when women hate on other women, everybody loses,” which was echoed by nearly everyone in the theater in a rousing roar of feminism that served as fuel to launch into the rest of the show.

Mothers and daughters, brothers and cousins, best friends, and lovers all danced along to the vulnerable and empowering songs like "This Time" and "Skyline" before coming to a close with the gritty and powerful, "Keep Lying," and bowing offstage. The audience cheered and clamored, and Donna reappeared onstage with her fellow musicians to perform her most recent single, "Get Well," which she released on Valentine’s Day this year. With a final declaration of “It’s Friday? Say no more,” she launched into an energetic rendition of Avril Lavigne’s "Complicated" that brought the house down and ended an incredible show on a high note!

Check out some photos from the night below.


Donna Missal