Dawning gets clever with "Liturgy"

Dawning parallels sanctimonious elements to all that encompasses idolizing someone in his new single, “Liturgy,” released today on all streaming platforms. The edgy dream pop single reveals a diverse contrast to the other two tracks Aaron Senor has released under the stage name Dawning.

“Liturgy” opens with Senor’s moving vocals and plucking of an acoustic guitar creating an unsettling ambiance before synths and a pulsing beat hits in the chorus. Following the formula of a good pop song, “Liturgy” is undeniably catchy. The refined production of the song continuously builds as more layers of elements are intertwined with Senor’s voice as he wrestles with the concept of romanticism.

“I was in a pretty creative point in my life," he recalls. "And, it seems like songwriting just comes in spurts for me. I was just plucking away on my acoustic guitar and came up with that little riff, and the melody just came out of nowhere, and magically, the first three sections of the song just kind of happened. The bridge of the song is a lot of tinkering, trying to do what serves the song. I realized that the chord progression from the bridge with the organs is the chord progression for ‘Stairway to Heaven’ after I wrote it. I was like hell yeah, I’ll take it.”

Born out of organic experimenting, it's hard not to get sucked into a hypnosis while listening to the song. He's perfected making songwriting look effortless.

“There’s a description of different writers I’ve heard, and there’s architects and they know everything they want to do in the book before they’ve written it,” explains Senor. “Then there’s gardeners, people who figure out what’s going to happen in the book as they write it. It seems like I flip flop in between those two ways of writing songs, and this one is definitely more just figuring out what the song would be as I went along with writing it as I further got along in the process.”

Cleverly flirting with catholic rites, Senor remarks that he’s always been a bit fascinated with religious sacraments and instruments subconsciously.

Communion on an empty stomach

You were a liturgy

There was no satiating

The pangs left when you leave

“People have asked me in the past, why do you like religious terms and iconography; and to be honest, there’s something about it that gives me a sense of transcendence; even though, that’s not the way I live my life particularly anymore, regarding my personal beliefs. It seems to be more catholic iconography that I’m more interested in, and I wasn’t raised catholic at all. Maybe that’s why it’s both familiar and strange to me in that regard, but they have so many beautiful symbols and architecture and pieces involved in their religious service that were unfamiliar to me growing up, but when I became aware of them, it kind of struck a chord with me.”

Photo by Amman Khan.

Although, Senior normally writes and produces at home, he offers a very honest and real confession on a creative roadblock during this quarantine.

“I wish I could say I’m really creative right now, and it’s one of those seasons where I’m writing a lot of songs. As far as my life, when I have a job, I’m always wanting to get home and work on music when I’m at my job and just dreaming of the day when I have all the time in the world to work on music, but I think this quarantine has really made me realize I think I require some structure in my life to be creative. I’ve had the worst writer’s block I’ve probably ever had during this. I still try to stay busy with music despite that. I did some covers I released on band camp, but as far as writing new ideas, I’ve been so stuck and I think it’s because I have all the time in the world. It might sound paradoxical that way, but knowing I only had those few hours to work on stuff put my mind in a different place where it was easier to come up with ideas.”

Dawning plans to release an EP this fall. To know about future releases, follow Dawning on social media:

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