Cub Sport: Servin' looks and climbin' charts

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

ATTENTION AMERICAN PUBLIC: We have found the next big thing.

The Australian alt-pop group, Cub Sport, is made up of Tim Nelson, Zoe Davis, Sam Netterfield, and Dan Puusaari. Their music sold us, but their story, activism, and personalities made us fall in love. Three EPs and two LPs later, they’re

Photo by Only Odd and Purple Sneakers finally embarking on their first headlining tour in America. Not to mention they’re about to finish their sold-out tour in Australia. Lead singer, Tim Nelson, chatted with us about the band's future endeavors. 

“It’s always amazing meeting people on the other side of the world who are connecting with what we’re doing" he gushed. 

A huge part of Cub Sport’s ~story~ includes Nelson coming out with his relationship to keyboardist, Sam. Although they’ve been best friends and bandmates for over nine years, it wasn’t until July 2017 that they announced their engagement.

There’s a notable difference in sound between their debut record, This is Our Vice, Photo via Facebook

and their latest release, BATS. Nelson’s life

experiences being a reason for the differences.  ​ “I feel like both albums are very much a reflection of where I was at the time of writing,” he said. “When I look back, I can see these moments on This is Our Vice, that alludes to what was coming. A big one that continues to resonate with me is ‘Come On Mess Me Up,’ especially the line, ‘I fell in love with avoiding problems, and that was the problem.’ I was completely holding myself back by avoiding any sort of challenge that stood in front of me. BATS is kind of where I started facing my challenges (i.e. coming out, changing up the team around us a bit, etc.), and it was a huge time of growth. It feels like we’ve come a long way, but there’s still so much farther to go and so much more to learn!”

​We asked him to reflect on the track sequence of BATS because there’s somewhat of a story in the timing.

“The earliest songs I wrote for it were ‘Hawaiian Party’ and ‘All The Time’ – I actually wrote both of those songs around the same time as 'Only Friend' off our first album,” said Nelson.  “‘Chasin’’ was one of the earlier songs I wrote too. To me, ‘Chasin’’ felt like the start of the BATS story and the beginning of really letting some walls down. I’m pretty sure ‘Banyo Blue’ was the last song I wrote, and it feels very fitting that it’s the final song on the album. It feels like it has a certain resolve to it—life isn’t perfect but it’s pretty close when you’re with the person you love.”

​It’s obvious that Tim definitely found a good guy, which is ironic considering their newest single off BATS is “Good Guys Go.” When Nelson sings, “You know I’m breaking my back to try and keep you coming back to me”—we FEEL it. Also, we are here for the music video that shows him shirtless in stripe pants and fur coat serving us looks on the hood of a car. WE ARE LIVING. 

Anyway, back to the serious matter at hand, he stated in a previous interview that their sophomore record was “the most honest he’s ever been.” We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want anyone reading our diaries. So, was he nervous about it?

​ “I didn’t have any hesitations while I was writing and recording it ‘cause I wasn’t really thinking about who would hear it. It was more about processing everything that was happening in my life,” said Nelson. “By the time it came time to put together album two, I’d written all these songs, and I felt ready to share it. It can still be a bit challenging being so open,

Photo by Gabrielle Clement but I feel like we’re doing the right thing.”

It’s bands like Cub Sport that inspire young people to be themselves. By being so honest, listeners find it easier to relate to the emotions expressed in their lyrics. 

“I enjoy writing and recording on my own just because it often ends up being pretty personal,” he admitted. “I love working on live arrangements with the band though, I feel like the songs take on a new life and energy when they’re on the live stage.”

When the four members get together on stage, something magical happens. Other artists think so too. Cub Sport has opened for The 1975, Ball Park Music, Loon Lake, and Vance Joy

“I’ve got a bunch of new songs in the works, and there are some I really love! I’ve been working with some new collaborators Mallrat, Golden Vessel, and Jonathon Eley – all super exciting!”

You can listen to Cub Sport's music here