Cub Sport at the Echo in Los Angeles

This past week, Australia’s Cub Sport played The Echo in Los Angeles’ hip Echo Park neighborhood with guests Minor Poet and Georgi Kay. The Echo and Echoplex are a complex of venues nestled on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park, with a long history of kicking off the careers of musicians for over 20 years, nationwide and internationally. Brisbane, Australia’s Cub Sport has been touring the US in support of their self-titled album, “Cub Sport,” released this year.

Perth, Australia’s Kay took to the stage first, armed with a laptop, keyboard, and a guitar, Georgi played an intimate set with lyrics that ranged from nightmare exes to opening up about her father’s illness with raw emotion and a solid beat. Her electro-indie-pop sound worked the crowd up, delivering a sweaty mess to the rest of the artists. Virginia’s Minor Poet took the stage, changing the pace of the evening with mellow hooks and sonic crescendos, debuting new songs from their latest EP, “Good News.”

After an extended set change, and Rocky Horror levels of antici… pation, Cub Sport took the stage with all the flamboyant drama you would expect from front man Tim Nelson, swaying out onto the stage in leather straps and pants. Grinding the energy back up to where their fellow Aussie left it, Cub Sport charged through new and old songs alike, drawing an emotional peak with Tim’s dedication of Party Pill to his husband and band keyboardist, Sam Netterfield, evoking a peal of screams from their fans of all ages gathered in the dark club.

Georgi Kay

Minor Poet

Cub Sport