Cherry Pools announces the release of their new single, 'Hollywood,' this Friday

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

In 2014, you would find the (now) vocalist of Cherry Pools, Martin Broda, touring and recording with the band, Abandon All Ships. Later, Broda would branch off to work on a side project called, Curses. After some soul-searching, Broda decided to re-brand, change the sound, and switch out some members to change the overall aesthetic. That band is now Cherry Photo via Facebook Pools and is made up of Martin Broda, Matt Krumins, Talyn Prior, and Sean Medeiros.

With only launching in December 2017, Cherry Pools is quickly making headway in the music industry. With only two—soon to be three—songs released, the band was asked to open for half of PVRIS’ recent tour. Lead vocalist, Broda, talked with us about the unexpected rise of fame.

“I don’t know any other band that’s getting this much momentum at an early stage,” he said. “I was expecting this to come later on in the band’s life, but we are getting it earlier on; and honestly, it’s unreal.”

We came across Cherry Pools after our editor, Victoria, saw the PVRIS show in Grand Rapids. That same evening, our phones were blowing up from friends saying we have to check this group out. So, here we are.

Photo by Kishan Mistry Photography

“It’s very shocking but super humbling,” said Broda. “Like this tour we just did with PVRIS, every night we would have a bunch of people that would come up to us be like, ‘we haven’t heard you guys prior to this, but from here on out, we’re going to be a massive Cherry Pool fan.’ I’m like this is super awesome. This tour did super well in all aspects in terms of growth and getting our name out there.”

However, he shared with us that the beginning of the tour didn’t run so smoothly. As soon as the group crossed the Detroit border, the van started leaking coolant. Ironically, the guys did leave a couple days early in case any problems arose. Despite the issues, their first show in Atlanta was Broda's favorite.  Photo via Facebook

“It was definitely nice to get away from the cold,” he said. “Our first stop in Atlanta—although, it wasn’t super hot—the vibes were there. It was a good first day to kick off the tour, and the temperature was good. The spirits were up. I feel like that was an awesome show. Every day was honestly shocking. They all kind of have their own characteristics, but I think that one definitely stood out for me. Especially with it being the band’s first show, it was good.”

Unfortunately, that was the farthest south the group traveled and they had to endure the brutal Midwest winter for the rest of the tour. But, it didn’t stop the guys from having fun. Broda has been touring since 2010 in other projects so he knows some of the cities pretty well. “It was the other guys’ first time playing shows across the border,” he said. “I was the wisdom I guess, showing them the ropes, carrying them underneath my wing, showing them cool spots to eat and stuff. Honestly, I love touring. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of. It’s perfect. You get to see the world with your best friends and meet the fans that appreciate the music. It’s one of my favorite things about being in a band.”

While doing some preliminary stalking we came across a tattoo of the band’s logo on their twitter page. Did it belong to one of the band members? No. It was a fan.

“We released a logo, and a week after, not even a full seven days, a fan got a tattoo, a pretty fairly big one too,” Broda recalled. “He came up to the New Jersey show, and I saw it in person. It looks great, but it’s really big. I was like whoa, that’s some serious dedication. It’s shocking, everything that’s happening. It’s hard to take a step back and watch because I’m so invested in it.”

Luckily for any fans invested in Cherry Pools, we have some news for you. The group is releasing a new single this Friday, Photo via Facebook

March 23rd.  The guys played “Hollywood” on tour but stayed hush-hush on releasing it.

“That personally is my favorite song and video,” Broda said. “It captures the Cherry Pool sound in the best sort of light. It’s another upbeat, very dance-y kind of vibe; it’s like a chirp anthem to Los Angeles girls. It’s comedic, but it’s super fun to play live. I guess the fans are asking for it as well. I’m getting so many tweets and comments on our pictures. I think it’s going to go over super well.” We looked up a video on Youtube of the group playing it on tour. The dream-pop sound really embellishes the lyrics (you’ll know what we mean if you listen to it). Broda wrote the song in Toronto with Daniel Cicatelli.

“That song came up because we wanted to bring some kind of upbeat poppy, sort of in the lane of Palewaves, that new dream-pop sound that is coming up. We sat down, started riffing off melodies, all that kind of stuff, and the song just kind of came about. It’s a very simplistic song, but it definitely resonates with everybody.”

Not only do we get to hear a studio version of the track, but we get a visual as well. You may have the seen the very aesthetically pleasing music video for “Are You in Love,” directed by Raul Gonzo. Well, get ready for part two because the “Hollywood” is being released with a music video.

“We kind of went back and forth on the phone, and we were like let’s do this, kind of built the video from there,” said Broda. “I think it resonates super well with the song. They go hand-in-hand, kind of in your face, like Urban Outfitters style.” From here on out, he shared the band’s plan on releasing a song every month and a half, hopefully, until the EP is out. Cherry Pools still plans to release music videos with every song.

“I feel like when you release records or EPs now, half the record doesn’t get love because people’s attention spans are so low now in days,” he said. “It’s like the way to go now. We are releasing each song with a music video to tie that song fully to make sure everybody understands the visuals. The EP should hopefully be released by the fall, hopefully, all five songs.”

We tried to get more out Broda, but he wasn’t allowed to release any more details. We bet they already have something huge planned and ready to go this year. They’ve announced they’re playing Spring Fling this festival season and more announcements are still to come.

Don’t get us wrong, it was very obvious Broda is super passionate about Cherry Pools, but when we brought up thrifting, you could just hear the excitement and passion in his voice through the phone.

“If you ever find me in a thrift store, don’t talk to me or anything,” he warned. “I’m so in the zone. It’s crazy, but it’s so funny because every time I go thrifting with people who aren’t avid thrifters, they’re like yeah, there’s nothing here. But then they look at my shopping cart, and there Photo via Facebook are so many things in there. They’re like how did you find this? You have to know where to look; you have to sift through everything and envision stuff. I feel like people will see an item and be like oh, just a regular shirt. You have to be creative. I like to dress a little weird as well. It helps finding the weirder items that nobody chooses. That’s my little thing. You have to find items that you normally would ever see in a larger franchise. Obviously, it’s one of a kind. It’s vintage, you don’t know the history of it. There’s something about, I love it.”

Broda shared all his hopes and dreams for the lucky souls that get to attend a set.

“Honestly, I just want people to be receptive towards the sound. I want people to vibe out, have a good time, and take everything in. We try to bring as much as we can to the live show in terms of sound, image, aesthetic, just everything. We are an all-purpose band in the way we want to capture all senses. We want it to be visually appealing and sonically appealing. We want fans to leave and tell their friends about Cherry Pools, and build that fan-base. We want people to have a good time watching us and keep coming back for more. Hopefully, somewhere in that, we can turn some heads.”

We’re pretty sure they already have. Listen to Cherry Pools here!