Cherry of the Studio Killers, the 'spirit animal for the downtrodden'

European EDM group, Studio Killers, have released their first single since 2014, "Party Like It's Your Birthday." EDM isn't really even the right category for Studio Killers; they're much more than some dance music you'd hear in a rave setting. Studio Killers focus on creating visual graphics to confront emotions and societal norms and wrong-doings along, of course, to a great beat.

Lead singer "Girl Boss" Cherry, keyboardist Goldie Foxx and DJ Dyna Mink use visual creativity in to promote girl power, LGBTQ+ and human rights. When they're not in the recording studio, they're working with the Chainsmokers, Dua Lipa, David Guetta and other standouts in popular culture.

Curious to know what it's like working in a male-dominated genre of the music industry, Cherry wrote an essay, and she didn't hold back.

Hesitation: That’s the first thing that came to mind when asked to share my thoughts and feelings on what it’s like in the male dominated field of EDM. Having had a song called ‘All Men are Pigs’ the question becomes how big a fucking target one wants to be? Heck, what even makes us an authority? We have me, Cherry, the visual lead, the one chick, who happens to be the producer and girl boss of a lot of our activities. That’s it. Sounds like your basic Hollywood gender quota 1:3 ratio. We got work to do. I’m a flawed icon, and an unwilling target. Thanks for the set up.

I will however happily be Cherry your spirit animal for the downtrodden. As much as I like standing up for myself, I find I like huddling with the underdogs more. We need to stick together.  Underdogs are a pretty creative bunch of funny, self deprecating people we’d all be privileged to know. The ones who aren’t quite making it, are amazing people… Not to toot my own horn, but kinda like me. I’m not there yet, not rolling in the big bucks. Fuck I break into runway shows to do my OOTD’s backstage- fake it till you make it. I’m a fuck up, but I’m hoping to be a fuck up with upwards fucking momentum and a shit ton of swagger. Walking the tight rope of etiquette on how to be ‘cool’ or how to be ‘the boss’ is no easy feat… But mostly it’s a boring path that someone else has set out for you, there are standards of what’s going to get you the most ‘likes’. In the end I’m a junky for jumping off of cliffs, preferably Thelma and Louise style, right off the ledge. I’m carving out my own path. Which will undoubtedly cause me a lot of trouble.

It sucks that you have to be a fighter to make it… It’d be nice to be able to just be talented with an amazing work ethic. Or fuck it, just lucky. But currently you need to have bite and a fair amount of resources to weather the shit storm, and it’s not for everyone, and that’s what everyone is trying to say is the exact problem. It’s a privilege to even get to try. If people who ‘love’ this HAS to embody certain traits and come with a fair amount of safety net, then a whole slew of talented, hardworking  individuals with passion, never get to make it this far. The path is littered with a whole bunch of criteria, like having a strong liver or a dick, and social media numbers that come from organic growth before anyone gives a shit, numbers that takes years of personal investment to cultivate. 

The odds are pretty stacked. Having any kind of advantage sure as hell helps. Like the small but powerful bias that dudes are inherently competent until proven otherwise and girls are incompetent until proven otherwise, a pretty strongly rooted bias in any male dominated field. And it quite simply comes from lack of representation. So I’m here to represent and I hope to bring much more amazing people you need to meet to your attention, not just grabbing the light for myself, but paying it forward. I plan to build a whole new world populated with underdogs, Studio Killers style. So stay tuned.

-Cherry the visual artist, girl boss, and creative lead of Studio Killers