Chase Atlantic at the House of Blues in Chicago

When it comes to Chase Atlantic, it is no doubt that they are one of the hardest working bands in the scene right now, on stage and behind the scenes. This year alone, the group released their fourth EP, "DON’T TRY THIS," and their sophomore album, PHASES, along with more music that's supposedly set for release in 2019. One fact about the band that someone could easily overlook is that all their music is self-produced by guitarist/saxophonist, Clinton Cave. The guys are currently out on the road celebrating the release of PHASES. On July 15th, they visited the House of Blues in Chicago for a packed show with Lauren Sanderson, who has been directly supporting them throughout the tour. 

To kick off the show was Midwestern native, Lauren Sanderson, who has recently gone independent after leaving a "shitty record deal." Throughout her performance, Sanderson did not shy away from the fact that she has big dreams for a girl from a small town. In a few songs, Sanderson illustrates even though she lives in Los Angeles now, Indiana will always be a part of her. This theme is apparent in songs like “Differently” and “Written In The Stars.” Sanderson also played a new song called, “Hotel Rooms,” which she announced would be her first single as an independent artist. With Sanderson’s determination, energetic stage presence, and undying love for her supporters, she will be able to make it far in the industry, even as an independent artist.


From the very moment, Chase Atlantic took to the stage, the floor of the venue would not cease to shake as the crowd jumped and danced together until the very end of the show. They kicked off their set with “Angels,” and “HER,” which are both off of PHASES.  The setlist this time around is noticeably calmer than their first tour, this might be because of lead singer, Mitchel Cave, constantly injuring himself last time. However, the energy that was put in by the band does not falter, and they kept songs like “Drugs & Money,” “LIKE A ROCKSTAR,” and “Okay.” At one point in the show, the guys took a quick intermission, when the guys were about to perform “Swim,” Mitchel appeared on the second-floor balcony and sang from there while dosing the crowd in water. 

About two years ago, Chase Atlantic started touring in the US, traveling all the way from Australia. The first show the guys played in Chicago was at the Bottom Lounge. In September 2017, they opened for Sleeping With Sirens on The Gossip Tour — then moving on to sell out the same venue on their first full-length US headlining tour a year later. They were also supporting Lights on the We Were Here tour in 2018, which stopped at the House Of Blues, to now hosting their show there a little over a year later.  To watch them go from playing in a room where five people know the words to a club full of people screaming their hearts out is quite a fascinating development. For me, it was my seventh time seeing Chase Atlantic, and to have been able to witness all of the growth they’ve made over the past two years has been a beautiful journey that’s far from over. I look forward to seeing what happens next for the guys. 

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