Casey Dubie isn't an artist to sleep on

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

The perfect mix of contemporary and timeless, Casey Dubie, explores the semantic affinity between the end and the beginning in her anticipated release of her debut record, Into The Moon.

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“I’ve wrote most of the songs in the past two years,” reminisced Dubie, “and most of them are talking about power dynamics in relationships, both romantic and platonic. There was this one friendship that was pretty rocky, and I was processing that.”

Undoubtedly, one of the best examples of her experience is written in the third track, “Carry On.” Dubie and her producer mastered the emotional realization and farewell with string plucking and horn add-ons to compliment her airy voice as the lyrics “You can’t pull your weight, and I can’t walk away. Carry on, I guess I’ll carry on” echo and fade out.

On the other end of the spectrum, the title track of the record, “Into The Moon,” conveys the idea of being so infatuated with another person that you get tunnel vision from the rest of the world.

The music video for the track—directed by Micah Dudash, in collaboration with production designer Craig Winslow— visually translated the dreamy ballad with the help of projection mapping.

“It was a team effort with me and a couple other guys. We did a lot of projection art so we brought on this dude who has done a lot on projectors.”

The first release of the record, a pop anthem titled, “Confetti,” hides the emotional heaviness of the lyrics with a catchy chorus and some 80s influences.

“These memories are like confetti, throw them up in the air… hovering for a moment til’ they all come fallin’ down.”

“It grabs you in a straight-forward pop way. I think that is a way to catch people. It’s not necessarily my favorite song on the record, but it puts a good foot forward in terms of being up-beat.”

Dubie strayed from her Vermont roots in this record unlike her first EP, “Strangers.”

“In my last EP, there was that folky-rural country-side kind of vibe. I think that definitely influenced the sound, which is more simple and acoustic. With Into the Moon, I wanted to break out of that and do something more sonically interesting.”

Now residing in Houston, she recorded the record in Nashville with producer Micah Tawlks in his home studio. Dubie praised Tawlks for getting creative and making his own sounds instead of using samples.

“I put together some reference tracks that was exciting to me and interesting to me in preparation of recording. My producer in Nashville is super into weird kind of sounds. He wants stuff to always be catching your ear like what is that? So, we kind of went into the studio, and I brought these ideas and combined them with his creativity.”

She recalled a day recording where both were “walking around the room, picking things up and shaking them or banging them against piano strings.”

Into The Moon will be released everywhere October 26th. This seven track record isn’t one to sleep on. It’s refreshingly cohesive in a way that shouldn’t make sense.

Some of her favorite artists to listen to are Phoebe Bridgers, Liza Anne, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker. The songwriter will be making her way to Nashville for a few shows this fall.