Can't Swim at Subterranean in Chicago

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

On March 14, Can't Swim, the New Jersey-based rock band brought their "Coast to Coast Tour" to Chicago's Subterranean music venue with the bands Homesafe, Save Face, and Youth Fountain. The venue, also known as SubT, is an intimate venue with two rooms-- Can't Swim played in the main room which holds 400 fans. This tour is the band's first US headlining tour, which kicked off in February, following the release of their sophomore album, “This Too Won't Pass.” The record reflects the evil in the problems people face until they eventually settle in and become apart of their character.

Starting off the night was the Vancouver based band, Youth Fountain, who offer a mixture of pop-punk and emo that touch on topics of dealing with depression, self-doubt, and the pain of growing apart from loved ones. Save Face played next, whose mission is to 'make emotionally complex art.' After listening to their debut album, “Merci,” they stay true to their message. Following Save Face, Chicago natives, Homesafe, played whom are heavily influenced by 90's rock, including bands like Foo Fighters and Third Eye Blind.

From the moment Chris LoPorto, lead vocalist of Can’t Swim stepped on stage, with the band behind him, the crowd surfing and stage-diving seemed to have no shortage. The performance the band put on had the perfect mixture of songs from their discography, “This Too Won't Pass,” “Fail You Again,” and “Death Deserves a Name.” The stage lighting helped set the energy for both the band and the crowd. The energy Can't Swim received came to no shock because the band ensured to involve the fans in the process of putting the setlist together.

There were a few songs that stuck with me throughout the night. “Rose Coloured Glass” by Youth Fountain, is about coming out of a relationship and trying to move on, but being hung up by the hope that the relationship can still work out. Save Face’s “Heartache,” off of their album "Merci," follows the concept of post-rehab struggles with relationships. This song is relatable to anyone who has encounters with a loved one who only comes around for their own benefit. My favorite song from Can't Swim's performance was "Sometimes You Meet the Right People at the Wrong Time," this song was influenced from the parting words of LoPorto's former girlfriend which were inscribed on the back of a photograph. The hints of vulnerability amid this bittersweet ending to a relationship can draw any listener in, like it did myself.

The crowd-surfing, stage-diving, and mosh pits made Subterranean pulse with the abundance of energy from both crowd and band. The music and show were great. Make sure to catch Can't Swim with Homesafe, Save Face, and Youth Fountain on the finals days of their US tour.

Check out the highlights from the show: