Broadside provides support for Set It Off on the Midnight Tour part 3 in Silver Spring, MD

Broadside took the Fillmore Silver Spring by storm on July 6th on the Midnight Part 3 Tour, opening with the song, "Damaged Kids," off their debut album, Old Bones. The band recently had a line-up change, but they are still killing it. Fans should not be discouraged by Dorian's departure because not only are Oliver, Dom, Pat and Jeff still very funny, talented and approachable guys, but their performance has not suffered and neither has their music. The vibe on this tour is different than what Broadside is used to, but there were still mosh pits and crowd surfing to make the boys feel at home. Broadside played their two new singles, "King of Nothing" and "Empty." Fans, old and new, should be excited for the future of Broadside. Photos are below.