BRAEVES release sexy, indie-pop single of the summer

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

When you have something, a relationship and you've hold on to it so long but it slips away from you. What do you do from there? How do you come out of that and live your life the same way? That shackle will always be there."

BRAEVES poses those questions in their newest light, airy track, "Pull Me In." Loneliness embeds itself through the lyrics and echos of singer, Scott Goldbaum. Yet, the background noise walks you through a time of nostalgia

Artwork via Bailey Zindell that you keep playing because it makes you feel a little bit better than before, kind of like how Derek Tramont, bass player of BRAEVES described the weather in LA the day we chatted.

'It's one of those perfect days, about 77, slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky."

The goal of "Pull Me In" was to create a buoyant song that ultimately symbolizes the group's change of scenery from New York to Los Angeles.

"It's not suppose to be some sell-out pop song, but we wanted it to feel like you can press repeat," said Tramont. "It has that repeat value, where you just feel good listening to it. Sometimes our songs and Ryan's lyrics can be a little heavier. I remember our first record we thought about it as a night-time record. When we wrote our second record, we thought of it as a day-time record. That's what we were thinking with 'Pull Me In.' How do we make this adjustment and progress as a band and be comfortable where we are and embrace being a Los Angeles band now?"

BRAEVES, originally a three-piece group from the East Coast made up of Tramont, Ryan Colt Levy and Thomas Killian McPhillips, added Scott Goldbaum to their six year-old ensemble now based out of LA.

"Bringing in Scott in the past year and working on music with a second singer, a second voice throughout the creative process has been a cathartic and really almost an educational experience to create music with four like-minded people and with our producer Grayson Sanders as well."

If you familiarize yourself with BRAEVES discography, you'll understand when Tramont says the group tried to switch up their sound from dark and moody to sunny and relaxed.

"Grayson Sanders, our producer, really kind of gave us the idea to use more synthesizers and to write in a more interesting fashion, rather than it being being the same vibe the whole way through."

Or even better, dissect the lyrics of "Pull Me In."

"While you're chasing the fragrance of another flower, I'll be dancing through the melancholy, chance I'll feel your skin"

Lonely, yet creating that visual of wistfulness.

The music videoreleased today was conceptualized and directed by Tramont. Building up anticipation to the release, he'd been putting out snapshots of the set, including his protagonist of an astronaut in a space suit walking on a boardwalk.

Photo via Aristotle Dreher

"It's a narrative about what we were talking about, loneliness, how to cope with that and how relationships can affect you in more ways than one," Tramont explained of his passion project. "This was easily one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. From working on a concept to creating the shot list and finding locations to editing every frame - it was nothing short of a magical few months that I'll never forget. And I was only able to do it because I had the best cast and crew."

Interestingly enough, listeners have been comparing BRAEVES' latest work to UK alt-pop group, The 1975. Tramont said he doesn't really get it, but him and drummer McPhillips are fans of the band, saying "Somebody Else" is one of the best songs that has come out of the past few years.

"I kind of think that's the nature of our band. There's never just one unit we take inspiration from. We all kind of take form different places. But bands like The 1975 are in our wheelhouse for sure.We like pop. We like synths, frontman heavy, sexy indie-pop. It's awesome."

Photo via Twitter

At the moment, "Pull Me In," has been gaining, the group is eager to release the other two songs of their trilogy they created with Sanders. "Lions" will be released the first week of July, and "Haywire" following suit. Tramont hinted that the music videos will hopefully be all threaded together to tell a complete narrative.

"All three have their own unique flair to them. I think they're all slightly different but all live in the same BRAEVES universe."

What many probably don't realize is that the trilogy of songs is being released after a short hiatus. Tramont explained that they're not at an age anymore where the only focus is BRAEVES, and all the members have their own lives and additional responsibilities. 2017 was a busy year for the band, and it started to drain the guys ' enjoyment of the band, which brings us to the question was it needed?

""I guess you're right. Talking about it now, it was needed," he agreed. "We were playing multiple shows a month, festivals and in the studio every night, practicing  every night. It kind of ran us a dry a little bit."

"I think that just weighed on us, and we decided to put our emphasis on finishing the new music. It gave us a little more focus. " Photo via Twitter

But don't get the band wrong, they love playing live gigs and plan on getting back to the stage by the end of the year, already working on new material. We predict BRAEVES will continue putting out music until no one gets anything from it.

“I think everyone can create their own unique experience from the song, but ultimately I hope they take away something that made them feel and made their whole body take in emotion. We want to make songs that connect with people, something that matters to them.” 

With passion like that, how could they not?