Boston Manor opens for A Day To Remember in Poughkeepsie, NY

Boston Manor provided support for A Day To Remember in Poughkeepsie, NY on June 23. The show was completely sold out along with the other shows surrounding this one. The room was plenty full when the boys took the stage. They played mostly songs from their new album, Welcome to the Neighborhood, as well as their new single, "Liquid," but kept the fan favorite, "Laika," where Henry asked for the most crowd surfers that he had ever seen. The energy was thriving as the pit opened toward the beginning of the set. There were bodies flying all over the place and Henry assured the crowd that he could see each and every single person who flung their body in the air while passionately singing all of the words. Boston Manor is one of those bands that always commands the attention in the room when they take the stage, and they were sure to thank all the fans both familiar and new for giving their attention.

Below are photos from their set.