Blessthefall takes over One Centre Square in Easton, PA

Blessthefall is currently on the Hard Feelings Tour Part 2 with Glass Houses, Palisades, and Slaves. Glass houses played first, and the venue was already filling in nicely. The crowd went insane and immediately started crowd surfing and opening mosh pits. This is Glass Houses first bigger tour; the band has previously been headlining smaller tours mostly in the midwest because they are from North Dakota. Frontman Josh Haider never stays in one place and really knows how to get a crowd hyped.

Slaves was next, performing with a new vocalist. However, Matt sounds almost exactly like Johnny Craig so fans can still get the same kind of energy and emotion from the bands live performance. The crowd had just as much energy for Slaves as they did for Glass Houses.

Palisades are from New Jersey, which is a short drive away from Easton so this was pretty much their hometown show. The crowd was absolutely insane for their entire set, some people even got injured because of how crazy it was. Nonetheless, the band stopped to make sure these people were okay. They performed a wide variety of songs both new and old.

Last, but not least, Blessthefall took the stage and opened the show with their track "Wishful Sinking" from their most recent release Hard Feelings. Beau was all over the stage, high fiving people in the crowd, climbing all over the barricade and shooting water out at everyone. The crowd's energy was not any lower than it had been the entire show. The band even brought out a cake for Elliott and had everyone sing happy birthday to him (his birthday was earlier in the month), and Beau had everyone in the front row take a bite of it. During the last song, "Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted," Elliott came off the stage, played in the crowd and then crowd surfed back to the stage.

Glass Houses: