Bishop Briggs's Champion Tour at The Wiltern in Los Angeles

On the first of November, the Halloween spirits spent the day mostly in a sugar-induced trick-or-treat coma, but not Bishop Briggs and her Champion tour featuring Miya Folick and Jax Anderson! They brought the historical house down at the Wiltern Theatre, a repurposed Vaudeville theatre in Los Angeles's Koreatown.

Jax Anderson , formerly known as Flint Eastwood, a former Christian choir girl turned out and proud queer songstress, started the show dressed in full Halloween glory as the Men in Black with her band and a rousing rendition of her song "Push," which immediately got everyone in the venue up to the balcony on their feet and jumping and by the third song, "Real Love," Anderson had the audience eating out of her hand, getting the crowd to duck low only to leap sky high during a crescendo in the song.

The audience had only the brief changeover between sets to recover from Jax's energetic set before Miya Folick skipped out onstage like a human sized pixie in a flowing red dress and a blonde bob wig as her Halloween disguise. Folick evoked the late Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, with a lilting voice and endless energy. The crowd listened when her first song began and the crowd was under her spell. "Deadbody" and "Baby Girl" stoked the crowd and her most popular song on Spotify, "Thingamajig," left the crowd in a joyous frenzy for their headliner. (Pro-tip, if you haven't listened to her cover of "I Will Follow You Into The Dark," please do!)

After a longer scenic change, revealing a ribbon of LED screens that lit up in a pulsing countdown from 30, lights began flashing and donned in a day-glow yellow suit and face paint reminiscent of Jack Skellington, skipped out to the opening notes of "Champion," the namesake of both Bishop Briggs's forthcoming album, never missing a step, or a word, with energy levels at eleven. Briggs wove together songs from her previous album, Church of Scars, and Champion effortlessly, the crowd singing back to her on favorites like "Wild Horses" and "Tattooed on My Heart." The highlight for the crowd was the surprise cover medley of pop punk anthems "Stressed Out," "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies," and "Welcome To The Black Parade," with fans cheering and screaming along from the pit to the bar at the back of the venue. Finishing up with an encore for the sweating and delighted crowd, Bishop graced the crowd with fan and radio favorite, "River."

Bishop Briggs

Miya Folick

Jax Anderson