Ben Hazlewood premieres new single "Months & Miles"

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

It is April 27th, which means it’s the day the lords have blessed us with Ben Hazlewood’s new single and video. The New Zealander, now based in Melbourne, got his start coming in fourth place on New Zealand Idol and ending up as a semi-finalist on Australia’s The Voice.  Two EPs later, it’s clear that Hazlewood has found his true sound with “Months & Miles.” ​ Hazlewood was kind enough to talk to us about the new single and inspiration for the new hit.  Photo via Facebook

​“I wrote the song with Gin Wigmore in LA we had been writing together a lot over a few weeks,” he said. “On the last day, I was so homesick, the most homesick I have ever felt. We talked a lot about how hard it is being away from the ones you love and being in a long distance relationship and the song naturally grew from that. It also became a promise that I would do everything I can to make sure we would be back together… soon.”

The opening arrangement will have you clapping and stomping around, but let’s talk about the visuals. Besides being super aesthetically pleasing, he totally nails making you feel lonely and missing someone special. [We promise that it’s not going to be a miserable experience; just click on it]

​“The video was an idea I have had for a while. It’s based on a tour that I was on a couple years ago. I wanted to create that feeling of isolation and loneliness I felt at the time being on the road. It’s also inspired by that iconic moment from the movie, Almost Famous, when they are all singing ‘Tiny Dancer.’”

The song itself will make you weep because either you can relate or because you were just reminded that you’re very alone. Even dreamier, the music video features clips of Hazlewood with real-life partner, whom he recently married. He takes credit for peer pressuring his husband into taking part.

​“Well, I was against the idea of getting an actor because I wanted it to be as real as possible. He wasn’t super keen on doing it as he is pretty ‘camera shy’ but with the help of our friends, we managed to get some pretty great stuff over the Christmas / NYE period. He is super excited about being in it now that he has seen how it has all come together. “

Side story that we wanted to put right here so you’re not sobbing the entire time reading this interview, just get it all out right now:

“I recently wrote and performed a new track for the first time at my wedding as a surprise for my husband - which was awesome! Then the following week I performed it at the LGBTI awards in Sydney where gay marriage had just been made legal. It was a really powerful moment for me.”

Although, the subject matter has a hopeful, uplifting theme, he did say he wrote the track in a darker time in his life. But hopefully, this will begin a new era of a happier time for the artist. If this song is just a preview into what the rest of the music released this year will be, you bet we are buying what he is selling.

“Music for me has always been a way of expressing what I’m going through, and the last few years have been tough. But now I am seeing this positive energy flowing out of me, which is a surprising change! I am enjoying the different vibe, but there is definitely still that fire in my music that I’m working on at the moment.”

Speaking of positive energy, we told him that “Months & Miles” took us back to our pew-stomping days, which thrilled him to no end.

​“That's great! I have always loved and wanted to create music that feels inclusive. My main love of writing is when I can make the songs feel as anthemic as possible. I grew up dancing and singing in groups, so I guess that feeling of unity has always stuck with me and been present in what I create.”

He said in a press release that “Months & Miles” is an example of the way he now writes music. After receiving advice from artist, Gin Wigmore that his voice was enough to carry a song and a lot of what we like to call “studio-magic” wasn’t needed, he has changed the way he creates music. “My main goal is trying to make sure the emotion, story, and vocals are the part that is going to stand up and hit you right in the heart,” he commented. “Then pairing it with solid production that can enhance that feeling, not the other way around.”

With that being said, he doesn’t regret any of the previous music he’s put out to the world. If anything, he wishes he would have slowed down on releasing his music, but he’s “learned to chill and give each song the time it needs to be heard.”

Personally, we can’t wait to see what else gets released this year. Currently, he’s producing and putting the finishing touches on the tracks but can’t wait to get back on the road adding, “Now that I have written my own theme song for homesickness, I feel I will be much better equipped.” “My dad always reminded me to never give up on my dreams. I'm glad I followed that advice; it’s what has kept me going through everything.”