Bearing Torches release a track of fresh air

Nashville rockers, Bearing Torches, put out a nostalgic ode to Bob Dylan earlier in September. Maybe coincidental but like the stifling summer weather morphing into the invigorating autumn air, the four minute track lifts a weight of your shoulders you didn't know you were holding.

In a true rock n' roll manner, heavy guitar solos with an equally demanding drum arrangement balance each other out with the soothing, raspy vocals reverberating the lyrics, "Cause I never heard Bob Dylan on the radio. I've been thinking twice, but it's alright. Well, I'm tangled up in blue because all I want is you. If I give you shelter from the storm, can I be your baby tonight?"

"Writing a song like 'Never Heard Bob Dylan' feels like catching a sudden breathe of cold air while your suffocating. It comes on all at once and fills you with life. 

It reminded me that rock music is a love language and connects me deeply to those around me. It reminded me that anytime you feel like your fading away that is the most important time sing along with everyone else. 

As the best songs usually do, it took about 5 minutes to write, and we recorded it in a few hours. Simple. 

I hope when fans hear it makes them feel glad to be alive and a gives them a feeling of connection to other humans. I hope they smile and sing every word at the top of their lungs - and then go get some ice cream."

-Bearing Torches