Bastille at Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta

Bastille came to Atlanta (Coca-Cola Roxy) on October 23rd. Part one of their "Doom Days" Tour was used to promote their album of the same name. The venue was surprisingly filled with older fans who came to enjoy their music. Indie rock band Joywave opened for the band. They came in wearing neon vests with awesome stage stage lighting. The crowd happily sang along to Bastille's songs, even the new ones. The band provided lyrics for the newer tracks on the screen behind them, karaoke style. They closed the show by singing their top title tracks "Of the Night" and "Pompeii." Click here to buy their tickets if you want to catch them live!

You can listen to them here:

Bastille | Spotify | Apple Music

Joywave | Spotify | Apple Music