Band Shallow Pools gearing up for a busy 2020

Alternative-Pop Trio Shallow Pools is getting ready for a new year full of content and surprises! The band is eager to drop more material for listeners early this year. Check out their latest music video "haunted," and continue reading for more information about the band.

Shallow Pools! It is a pleasure to have you on Dark Matter. We’d love for you to answer a few questions so we can get to know the band a little better.

Thank you so much, we are happy to be here!

According to my research you guys are long time friends. How did you meet? Any first impressions of each other?

Glynnis: Jess and I met in our 6th grade English class! I remember telling her a very, very bad joke, which clearly made a great impression!

Ali: I met Jess and Glynnis in high school! I played tennis with Jess, and Glynnis sat behind me in math class my freshman year (but to this day she doesn’t remember it at all). We all started hanging out my junior year of high school, and we very quickly became friends!

How did the idea to form a band come about? Who put it on the table?

Jess: It kind of just happened! I don’t think anyone specifically said we should start a band. We played one open mic night in high school and haven’t stopped playing together since! We didn’t start writing our own music until a few years after that though.

Is there any story behind the group’s name? Who came up with it?

Jess: Our name is a lyric in a song that we all really like! We went through a bunch of different names at first, but shallow pools felt like the best fit!

Which artists could you say have inspired your style? Any favorites?

Ali: We definitely love Paramore and Pale Waves a whole lot. We are influenced by songs constantly though! We will hear something and be like, “woah that’s sick we want something like that in one of our songs!”

What does a regular day in Shallow Pools’ life look like? Paint us a picture!

Ali: We all work full time jobs so we do that, but once we get home we will usually try to write for a little while and then sit on our couch and watch whatever show we are into at the time! Currently that’s The L word (original and Generation Q) and the Bachelor.

As of now, what has been the most memorable moment being in the band?

Jess: Probably when we opened for Meg & Dia. We all listened to them growing up, so we were so excited to play that show, and we had the best time.

Any special fan encounters?

Jess: We’ve had a couple people tell us that we inspired them to start a band, and that’s one of the best feelings ever!

Any goals for this new year? Or special projects you can tell us about?

Jess: The goal right now is definitely to tour! We’re also releasing new songs over the next few months, so we’re super excited for everyone to hear them!

Last but not least, a very important question. If you had the power to change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

Jess: I’d probably want the industry to highlight more diverse artists. There are so many talented musicians that deserve more recognition. So many artists also struggle with rights to their music, so I would want that to never be an issue for anyone again.

Our mission at Dark Matter is to provide a platform for women, non-binary humans and those in the LGBTQ+ community to prosper and develop their portfolio within the music industry. We love that Shallow Pools strives to promote the same. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you! We really appreciate all of the work that you’re doing too.

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