Bad Suns at the HiFi Music Hall in Eugene, Oregon

Bad Suns, the alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California, has just kicked off their Away We Go U.S. tour. Stopping at 12 cities across the west coast, the band is hyping up their fans for their third studio album, "Mystic Truth", on March 22nd. Shortly after the release, they will embark on a country-wide tour. It is a new era for Bad Suns, and the band has quite a big year ahead of them.

On March 1st, Bad Suns dropped by the HiFi Music Hall in Eugene, Oregon. Although Eugene had just been hit with a snow storm, it did not stop fans from coming. The show sold out that night, and the room was packed with excited fans. Sacramento band Vista Kicks started off the night with a bang. They got the crowd completely ready for Bad Suns, who would be on stage within the next hour after their set. Once Bad Suns hit the stage, the room was twice as filled, and the applause and cheers never ran short. Lead singer, Christo Bowman, made sure the crowd was dancing all night. He made fans feel like they were apart of the show by constantly communicating with the crowd, either through sharing fun facts (This had been the first time they played in Eugene in 5 years, the first time being at a local pizza parlor) or just standing on the crowd and holding a lucky fan's hand. The show was filled with an electric energy that both new and old fans will talk about for months.

Here are some highlights from their show that night:

Tickets are still on sale for their Away We Go and Mystic Truth tours.