Awaken I Am open for Secrets on their 5 year Fragile Figures Anniversary Tour in Easton, PA

Awaken I Am and Secrets hit One Centre Square in Easton, PA on May 12, 2019 in support of the 5 year anniversary of the album, Fragile Figures. Awaken I Am is from Australia, and they just recently released their new EP, "The Beauty in Tragedy," last month in honor of previous guitarist Connor who passed away in a car accident a year ago.

They played mostly new songs but also played some songs from their previous release, "Blind Love." Aside from their unfortunate loss, the band has recently undergone a line up change with a new vocalist, Jimmy and a new guitarist, Jay. The band has incredible performance energy and evokes powerful emotions with every song, especially the song, "Kin," which they dedicate to Connor every night.

Secrets opened the show with "How We Survive" and played the entirety of the Deluxe Edition of Fragile Figures. Secrets is a band that has a very impressive level of stage presence no matter how big the crowd is, but Easton really showed up. There was crowd surfing and mosh pits. Wade and Richard's voices really compliment each other well, making it impossible to stand still. Secrets commands the attention in the room and they, like Awaken I Am, have also gone through severe line up changes. It can be really hard when a band changes vocalists, but both of these bands have done incredibly well considering and the music has only gotten better.

Awaken I Am