Audien Escapism Tour in San Francisco

Audien brought his long-awaited Escapism Tour to The Warfield on Friday, December 6th. The crowd in attendance came ready to dance, and not even the rain could dampen their spirits. Several fans arrived at the concert in neon and light up clothing with their enthusiasm on full display. Audien gave an energetic hour and thirty-minute set performing both his music as well as remixes. He flawlessly transitioned between songs and kept the crowd entertained throughout the evening.

Dancing space became hard to come by as a result of the packed crowd in attendance. Audien had a great set up on stage with lights and background visuals to add to his performance. He also had confetti, which seemed to be everywhere. If you like Electronic Dance Music or need a good excuse to go out and dance with friends, Audien is an excellent artist to see live.