An afterthought on The Hails' "Denial"

Florida alternative band, The Hails, is back and better than ever with a lot up their sleeves, including their latest release, “Denial," that came out a couple of weeks ago. With the circumstances of a whole pandemic putting the music industry on pause, they did not disappoint with the final product of their newest single for listeners to indulge in, appreciate and relate. 

Photo by @_liamsheehan

The meaning of the song can be up for interpretation. One idea is being in denial that their surroundings, whether it be with people, habits or environments, are changing around them for the worst.  

“Denial” is more than your typical alternative tune. It has a lot of elements incorporated to keep you focused and surprised the longer you listen to the song. There is an indie and R&B mixture as far as genre influences go. For starters, a summed up description of the vibe is mellow, yet haunting. Groovy, yet intense. It is all around intriguing in their own way. Robbie’s vocals are consistently relaxing, yet emotional.

There are all around surprises in the song you wouldn’t expect to come up in a song as consistently chill as this. They bravely throw in techno-sounding transitions to compliment the bass line and drum beats, a voice over for the bridge into the last chorus and a surprise outro that will never fail to shock from the first listen. The build up, with both Robbie and Franco’s vocals meshed together, prior to the outro itself, is captivating and will leave you at the edge of your seat. It will make you curious and almost nervous as to what’s going to happen next. To say the least, the result is mind blowing. The outro leaves with a few seconds of silence for you to process the unexpected drop before the song loops again. The song took an atypical approach, and they mastered it very well, including unusual production choices and emotion all in one. 

The song is perfect for a late night drive, a song to clean your room to, or listen to before going to sleep at night. It’s overall perfect for anytime relaxation is needed. 

Photo by Liam Sheehan

The Hails has more music in the works to be released. Keep up with them on, their Instagram, Twitter and streaming services for more music.