Alex Jayne and her "90s Dream"

English pop songstress Alex Jayne's latest single, "90s Dream," came out today accompanied by the music video. The track is nostalgia and acceptance wrapped up in a bow. The alt-pop tune has a lot of layers to it from the distinguishable riff that draws you in to the unwavering beat, producing a synesthetic experience.

The stunning visual for the song, directed by Laurie Barracloug, shows Jayne revisiting, but not staying in the past as memories play on a screen projector, evoking all the emotions.

Check out our Q&A with Alex Jayne below:

This hits you immediately with a sense of nostalgia! Tell me a bit about the writing process. The line “like a 90s Dream” was spinning around in my head for weeks, then I came across this guitar line that I loved and the song poured out of me just listening to it. My producer (Duncan) brought this new energy to the track! It became upbeat with the kind of sounds that could put it in a different time. How do you think we can benefit ourselves from visiting the past? I think you’re shaped by whatever has gone before - you can’t escape that. Sometimes it’s good to go back to those things and maybe you’ll see them in a new light. Can you delve further into "relives a past relationship in order to break free from it hold?" I just think it can be easy to block something out. Sometimes it’s harder to face it. Looking back on a relationship can actually free you from it, and make you realise you’ve already moved on. That was the process behind 90s Dream. What lyric is the most important to you in this song?  “I’m a million things, I’m another scene in your movie” - it’s like how you can feel like everything and nothing to someone. What does your healing process look like? I don’t think there’s a ‘process’ - it’s just time. I don’t think there’s a quick fix. Not for me anyway. Did you have much input for the vision of the music video? If so, how did your visualization come to be? I sat down with Laurie (director) and we spoke about where the song came from. This word “movie” kept coming up - the idea of your chapter with someone. Laurie was amazing in bringing that to life and we worked on creating a separate film that was projected onto the studio walls. The theme was vivid and vintage - nineties!

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