Alaskan native of the band SHIVERTWINS redefining the final frontier

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Things that come to mind when you think of Alaska: Oil, igloos, moose (or is the plural of moose, “meese?”), dog-sled racing, grizzly bears, glaciers, whales, etc. My point is that the locals must keep it a secret that incredible indie-rock bands are born there as well. Maybe here at Dark Matter we were just a tad bit ignorant to assume no one picks up an instrument in the last frontier, and that’s why we were so delighted to come across SHIVERTWINS.

Formed in Juneau, Alaska, the band has four members and we were lucky enough to talk to Cole Paramore on the drums and Eric Mountcastle on the strings and vocals.

“Alaska’s music scene is one of the coolest, versatile, and strange scenes to belong to as a musician,” said

Photo via Facebook Mountcastle. “The history of the area and talent of the people within Southeast Alaska is apparent in the sounds they create. Though the scene is more blues and bluegrass driven (it is the Final Frontier after all), there was always a lot of support for what we did while we were there. Despite our different tastes in music, it always felt familiar and warm when we were on bills with other Alaskan bands.”

Funny enough, all the group members relocated to Seattle and SHIVERTWINS carried on. Paramore spoke about how the city seems to be perfect for them.

“I think Seattle is in the sweet spot of appreciating and supporting music but not being so saturated with music as somewhere like Nashville or LA,” he said. “Sometimes in those environments even though the demand for music is high, the supply is overwhelming and in reality leaves little space for bands looking to grow.” Photo via Facebook

With a new location, comes a new sound. The group released an EP titled, “19 AGAIN,” in 2016.  Although it’s a great record, there’s a lot of ~angst~ within it. If you're into that thing, cool. If not, that's cool too. If you hear some of their newer work (we will get to that in a second), they’ve evolved from punk-rock to indie-rock.

“The angst is still there and will probably always be there,” Mountcastle explained, “but the original ‘anger’ behind some of our early music is leaving us. We still hold punk music very close to our hearts and will always identify with that way of playing and that mindset, but we are focused more on trying to find ways to combine our favorite elements of punk, surf rock, and psychedelic that will hopefully bridge gaps and bring more listeners in.”

The products of the band's evolution include the singles “Rearrange” and “Watch.”

“‘Watch’ was originally created to call out the reestablished trend of people only looking out for themselves and closing off their minds,” said Mountcastle. “The opening lyric of ‘What do you do when everything is about you? Looking ahead like you’ve got something to prove’ was written to encourage thoughts of change. There are themes of time and self-actualization that are meant to inspire the listener to look within to see how one’s actions may affect others and how every decision has a consequence.”

We love when artists write about things other than love. It’s so important to dig a bit deeper with how crazy the world is to inspire change. If this is just a taste of their album, we can’t wait to hear the rest.

“We’re currently about 85% done with our first album and are expecting it to launch late this spring,” said Mountcastle. “The album will include our first single “Watch” as well as ‘Rearrange’ and ‘Polly’ from our last EP. There are also some songs on it that we’ve been playing live for a while, and we are excited to finally have them available to listeners.”

​ While we wait to hear the debut record, the guys let us know they are dropping another single by the end of the month.

“The next single will have similar elements as the single before though it’s definitely one of the more pop influenced songs we’ve written as a group. You should being seeing/hearing it by the end of the month. We can't give away too much at the moment, but the name of the second single is ‘My Chair.’”

“My Chair?” The name has peaked our interest. Keep an eye out for it AND if you happen to be in Seattle check out SHIVERTWINS.

You can listen to their music here. Follow them here